Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crunked at the Coastal Cafe

Coastal Cafe
Virginia Beach, VA

Suit420 recently found himself back in Virginia Beach, VA.

It was a Wednesday, and the only meal I'd have time to eat would be lunch.

But lunch is one of Suit420's favorite meals.

A big breakfast makes me want to go back to sleep.

And a big supper makes me want to go to the gym because I feel all bloated after eating food so late.

But it's kind of hard to go wrong with a big lunch.

You're half way through the workday, and you still have time to let your food settle and then hit the gym later.

I left my meeting around noon, and decided to drive down the road and try to find a little hole-in-the-wall looking place to stop by for lunch -- and possibly a beer to go with it.

And not too far from where one of my meetings was, in the Food Lion shopping center, tucked away in the corner was a little place called "Coastal Cafe."

Suit420 knew this was the place, so I headed to the back corner for some lunch and a beer.

Coastal Cafe is a very, very small bar. There are a few tables on the wall (literally one or two), a few bar stools, and some pool tables.

The front door had a sign that said Wednesday night was ladies night.

Of course, as luck would have it, I was there a few hours early and there weren't any ladies.

I whipped up a seat at the bar and asked for a menu. The bartender was super nice and friendly, and told me all their specials that day.

But Suit420 was feeling a grilled chicken sandwich. I didn't even need a menu. So I order grilled chicken on wheat with a side of baked beans.

I also ordered a cold one to sip on while I waited. Nothing fancy. Just a regular Bud Light draft.

The kitchen at Coastal Cafe is right behind the bar. So I got to watch the cook make my food while I sat right there. I like that because I knew they wore gloves and weren't dropping my food on the floor.

I got some change for a ten and threw a couple of Hank Williams classics on the juke box, and started looking around.

That's when I discovered that Coastal Cafe is also a fan of Suit420.

Directly on the wall in front of me was a statue of a gnome, fishing with a pipe hanging out of his mouth.

And right next to him was a little sign that said "420."

Two songs and a beer later and Suit420s food had arrived.

And yes, it was as good as it looks.

The sandwich was amazing. I'm not sure why, but I really liked it.

I think it was the way the entire piece of meat was covered with a lot of melted cheese.

Suit420 likes cheese.

And the regular wheat bread gave it a nice nutty flavor.

The baked beans were good, but they could have been better. They had a great bacon flavor as soon as they hit your mouth, but after the first bite the flavor was gone.

Suit420 recommends throwing some brown sugar in with the baked beans to fix that problem.

But all in all, this was a solid meal.

A large beer and a full stomach for $10 even.

Add in a couple Hank songs and the 420 gnome-friend I met, and this was a satisfying lunch.

Rating: Seriously Thought About Buying a Shirt!

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