Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub
933 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY
Visited October 27, 2010

Beer selection: Decent variety of local and imported beers.

Food: Traditional pub grub.

Sausage and Irish Pubs. There are few other words in the English language that bring such a quick smile to my face.

I eat sausage for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

My Suit757 philosophy is too much of a good thing is never enough.
But, you know what? I may have met my match when I ordered Molly Malone’s Scotch Eggs.

Scotch Eggs in general are somewhat of an acquired taste. Typically, they consist of a hard boiled egg, covered in a thin layer of sausage and breadcrumbs and deep fried. At most English and Irish Pubs, they are served sliced up with a dipping sauce.

Molly Malone’s version?

Two gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex egg-sized balls of sausage drizzled with a tasty tomato aioli.

Each “egg” was really just a soft-ball-sized mound of seasoned fried sausage with a hard-boiled egg core.

It was delicious, but, dare I say…a bit much?

I had to consume a half a pound of sausage before I could even mine down into the egg. Mouthful after mouthful of pure unadulterated fried sausage.

Half of one dinosaur egg into my lunch and this protein junky was on the verge of over-dosing.

My arteries my never recover.

Clearly, this dish is not meant to be a lunch entre. It should be ordered as an appetizer for a table of eight. Each egg quartered – which would consist of a two-inch thick crust of pure sausage and a quarter of an egg -- would satiate just about any protein-starved football team.

But two pounds of sausage for one Suit’s lunch? Even Suit757 can’t pull that one off.

That’s the trouble with “too much of a good thing is never enough”. Because every once in a long while, too much is…well…too much.

Rating: Would Wear Shirt If It Were Free.
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  1. Too much sausage?


  2. just needed a good dark beer to help wash it down, and you would have been alright . . .