Monday, September 13, 2010

Curing Chicago Hang-overs One Gourmet Omelet at a Time

Tempo Café
6 East Chestnut St.
Chicago, IL
Visited August 19, 2010

Beer selection: None

Food: Gourmet 24 Hour Diner Food

Every city needs a place like the Tempo Café.

What Denny’s and the Waffle House are to small town America, the Tempo Café is to the big, bustling, sophisticated city of Chicago.

A place you can get an over-stuffed omelet and an endless cup of coffee 24 hours a day to cure whatever ails you.

But much as the Windy City is one of a kind (my favorite of America’s big cities), the Tempo Café is no Denny’s or Waffle House.

No. As a true reflection of the exciting city it serves, the Tempo is, dare I say, gourmet hangover food.

Each orange juice is hand squeezed.

The omelets come with such exotic ingredient combinations as broccoli-ham-mushroom-tomato or banana-walnut-honey.

You can also get piled-high skillets of hash browns, ham, onions, green peppers and multiple types of cheese that would put your neighborhood Denny’s to shame.

I wasn’t hung-over. But I was hungry.

My choice was “The Omni”, a delicious omelet with ham, green peppers, onions, Swiss cheese and American cheese served in a huge skillet over a mound of thick sliced home fried potatoes. I couldn’t even contemplate finishing it all.

I think just to make sure no one – no matter how much fun they had the night before – confuses this place with Denny’s, each breakfast comes with an orange slice, a prune and a couple wide slices of sesame seed Greek toast with fresh butter and home-made marmalade. And a tall hand-squeezed orange juice.

All for about $12, including tax.

Heck, I’ve had pints of beer in this city that cost more than that.

A bargain meal in a city that otherwise is no bargain (bring your ATM card when you come to Chicago), is what packs them in here 24 hours a day.

Cops and crooks. Preachers and pimps. Teetotalers and drunks. Suits and sandals. Bright cheery early-morning people and Rush-Street-haven’t-gone-home-yeters.

They all have one thing in common – they appreciate a good hearty breakfast to greet the rising sun. And you can find every one of them at the Tempo.

That’s why every trip to Chicago must have the Tempo Café on the itinerary. Your stomach and wallet deserve no less.

Rating: Seriously Thought About Buying Shirt

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