Monday, October 1, 2012

Chained Up: IHOP Breakfast

When You Need a Taste of Home.

Being a suit on the road is always an adventure and I've never been one to shy away from a new culinary experience, but there are times when you're in need of passable food, served on a big  platter with lots of hot coffee.

Yes, I'm talking about those miserable chain restaurants that we all love to hate, but from time to time come to rely on.

My latest experience with one of the less than exciting, but generally acceptable eateries, was at an Ihop in Utica NY.

Being exhausted from a long day and night of driving the day before, and having finished the work that needed doing, I escaped the confines of the rental car for the comfort of a corner booth in a chain restaurant!

Well I felt like I'd just done 15 rounds with a heavy weight boxing champ and I'd won... so I was more than hungry.

The typical eggs, bacon and pancakes weren't going to be enough to re-energize me.

I needed the whole pot of coffee, the potatoes and a double stack of cinnamon pancakes to recover!

All of that is on the menu, but not as a regular item. So I just ordered the pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and the whole pot of coffee! Yes I ordered every item individually. Yes I knew that was the more expensive way to do it, but I got exactly what I wanted and I left full! 

The best part was I got out of there for $15 in upstate New York. I call that a successful feast!

Rating:  Good.

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