Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wheres the Beef?

Fast Eddie's MOAB

1228 Tully Road
Modesto, CA


Food: Burger Joint

The first rule in business:
"Under promise, Over deliver"

One thing is for certain at Fast Eddies MOAB (Meal On A Bun) -- they do not believe that.

When you name is "Meal On A Bun" you had better deliver.

I pulled up and the parking lot was empty. I walked in and 2 people were in there.

It was 6pm. Dinner time, and it was a ghost town.

I asked the young lady at the counter what they were famous for.  She said the "MOAB Special."

I said hit me.

About 5 minutes of complete silence and lack of ambiance, the MOAB Special arrived.

Very deceiving.  It came out wrapped in green checker wax paper and it was HUGE!

I peeled away the paper to find . . . a huge bun, a ton of tomato, a huge green chili, couple pieces of bacon, mustard, mayo, enough lettuce to choke a rabbit and a burger patty the size of a QUARTER.

I kept seeing the old lady from Wendy's commercial in the 80's . . . Wheres the beef?!

The fries were bargain basement frozen and fried.

So disappointed.

This place was marketed as the "best burger in town" best burger in its own building maybe.

I had eaten at In and Out the night before. and -- hands down -- In and Out was better.
The interior was not eclectic or historic, it was dusty and cluttered.

Too much, and no rhyme or reason to it.

Overall, it was standard. That's it, standard.
If you take the route I did, you will pass an In and Out.

Stop there.
Don't waste your time or money at Fast Eddies.

Its $3.50 cheaper at In and Out for A LOT more.

RATING: Wouldn't wear the shirt if they paid me.


  1. that is a weak piece of meat right there.

  2. Wow. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about.