Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lunch with a View in Maine

Ft. Williams Park
1000 Shore Rd.
Cape Elizabeth, ME

If you are going to be in Maine, you have to do lobster.  I believe there is a state law requiring it.

The fast food version of lobster for a suit on the go is the Lobster Roll.  These can go anywhere from a bunch of frozen lobster bits on a hot dog roll, to quality bread and excellent lobster meat.

When I was exploring Maine following a school in Portland, someone suggested Ft. Williams Park just a few minutes from Portland  -- Great old light house, and really scenic beach, what I didn't expect was great food.

The little trailer at the park has the best lobster roll I have ever had.  The only downside, it's a state park so NO BEER.  They do have local sodas and Moxie, but it's a crying shame there were no Rolling Rock beers.

Oh well, enjoy the food, enjoy the view.

This is by far the best lobster roll in the state (I have tried eight on my trips in and out of Maine in the last year, and this is the first one that makes me want to get a t-shirt).
Rating:  Seriously Thought About Buying Shirt.

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