Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brewing with St. Francis

St. Francis Brewery
3825 Kinnickinnic Avenue
St. Francis, WI 53235

Being that this is my first post, there is one thing everyone should know about me.

I love micro-breweries.

I believe that they are one of the finest examples of the American spirit.

They are independent, local and unique.

I once participated in a tour of micro-breweries for a friend's Bachelor Party that took us to at least five different micro-breweries in southwest Michigan.

It impresses me how five different breweries can produce such a large variety of beers. At one brewery I can have a nice Scotch Ale, while a few breweries later I can have an ale on the wild side that is brewed with Jamaican jerk spices.

So, naturally, during my first visit to Milwaukee, arguably the beer capital of America, I found it appropriate to visit a brewery and, I must say, I was not disappointed.

St. Francis Brewery and Restaurant is located in St. Francis, Wisconsin, just miles away from the Milwaukee airport. Their beer menu includes the basics: a light beer, a wheat beer, an amber, and a rotating stock of dark beers.

The first beer that I tried was their KK Weisse (in picture on left), their wheat beer. I enjoyed this while I was looking over their impressive food menu. Being a fan of BBQ, I ordered a rack of their baby back ribs that is dressed with their Oatmeal Stout BBQ Sauce. It came with garlic mash potatoes and coleslaw.

While I awaited the arrival of my food, I took a chance to look around the place. According to the bartender, St. Francis has only been open for two years and its youth really showed. The place looks brand new. It is spacious and offers a view of their brewing facility. There was also outside seating, but with temperatures peaking over 100 degrees, there was no way I was going to test it out.

Once my food arrived, I decided it was time to try out their seasonal beer which was appropriately named Summer Night Saison. It tasted like candy, was absolutely delicious, and a good pair to my BBQ Ribs.

As for the ribs, they were delicious, as was the coleslaw and garlic mashed potatoes that came with it. The ribs had a very good flavor that was enhanced, not hidden, by the Oatmeal Stout BBQ Sauce.

I also had the opportunity to sample their dark beer of the month, a Porter aptly named Smokey the Beer. This beer was very dark and very flavorful.

One thing I did find upsetting at this place was that the bar did serve Miller Lite. With so many great beers freshly brewed on tap at this place, how could anyone even think to ask if this establishment served Miller Lite?

I mentioned to the bartender that it almost seemed criminal that such a liquid masquerading as "beer" could be served at this place. Of course, he first said the politically correct thing, stating that everyone has their own taste, but later assured me that he thought it was garbage as well.

Rating: Bought the Shirt

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  1. Mmmm... making me hungry and thirsty. I'm fresh out of brew. Might need to make a grocery run!