Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Announcing Suits in Strange Places' 2011 "Best in the U.S." Awards!

2011 Best in the U.S. Awards Announcement

Over the past six months, has established itself as THE premier online restuarant review featuring anonymous headless guys in suits.

And thanks to our readers and dozens of great restaurants -- from the liberal bastions of California and Vermont to conservative strongholds in Montana and Mississippi -- there's one thing every member of the Suit Council can agree on.

It's been a fun a ride.

Our reviews have made Americans from all over the country laugh and cry -- mostly from laughing -- and you can guarantee we'll continue to review the best most interesting places the U.S. has to offer and keep improving the quality of our product daily.

But for 2011, we have something new up our sleeve -- our 2011 Best in the U.S. Awards.

Every restaurant's writers give "Bought the Shirt" ratings to during 2011 will be automatically entered into consideration for these coveted awards.

We'll notify restaurants through the mail who have received our top-tier ratings and notify our growing readership through our website and Facebook. 

At the end of the year, each Suit will select his ONE top restaurant.

The five winners will receive gorgeous trophies similar to the one on the right.

The idea is that each 2011 winner will be able to stare at these statues longingly all day long as if it were really one of us.

While not as handsome as we Suits are in person, they certainly are shinier.

Of course, should owners and managers choose to display the trophies to prove how good their restaurants are to patrons, we've decided we're ok with that also.

Here's to a great 2011 reviewing season and thanks once again for your readership!

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