Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smashed on Pumpkins at Milly's

Milly's Tavern
Manchester, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state Suit420 had never been in before -- until the Thanksgiving holidays.

Now, until I went up there, I didn't know all that much about New Hampshire.

I know virtually everyone I've ever met from there has a beard, and I know despite being way up North, there are actually a decent amount of liberty-minded folks up there that just want to be left alone.

This particular trip happened to take Suit420 to Manchester.

If you've never visited Manchester, I'd advise doing so and spending some time on Elm Street.

It was a Monday, and I was there during the day, but there are tons of bars/cafes.

There's even a place on Elm Street called "Good Time Smoke Shop," which not only sells hookahs and other stuff, but also has free wifi, coffee and a hookah lounge. 

They also had a huge Ron Paul for President sign on their door. 

But the smoke smell is what made me notice.  Mmmmm . . . smoke.

This place was very tempting to Suit 420, needless to say.

After stopping by Good Times to look around, Suit420 decided to try Milly's Tavern -- a local microbrewery.

And what a good choice that turned out to be.

Milly's Tavern has been around since 2002, and they have about 16 microbrews on tap.

While walking up, a bricklayer outside suggested I try the Pumpkin Ale.

He told me to tell the bartender he sent me because he was working for beer.

I wasn't in a hurry, and I was on vacation, so Suit420 decided to have a liquid lunch first.

I started with Milly's famous Pumpkin Ale.

And I made sure to tell them the bricklayer was outside singing their praises.

The brewer told me that they have a special farmer that grows their pumpkins, and freezes them so that they can serve Pumpkin Ale until around March.

Milly's also does the beer glass just like you'd do a margarita, but they put sugar, cinnamon and some other spices all along the rim.

And I must say, it was by far the best Pumpkin Ale I've ever had. Each sip I rotated my beer so that I could have some of the other flavors, and it worked perfect because my last rotation was also my last sip.

After the Pumpkin Ale I decided to try their Blueberry Beer.

The bartender warned me that this wasn't their best batch, but I thought it was amazing.

Milly's Blueberry Beer doesn't have the nasty, strong aftertaste that so many others do.

Every swallow went down smooth.

One of the best parts was that the owner actually came out and talked to me a while as I sipped my beer.

He was a very friendly guy, and gave me a few samples to try.

After my two beers, it was on to the food.

And that Milly's also has plenty of.

This is an understatement, but Milly's has an ample menu.

I decided to skip the appetizer, since I had a few beers as mine, and go straight to the food.

This was a hard choice.

Milly's has pizza. Milly's has quesadillas. Milly's has wraps.

But that's not all.

You can also get Kabobs, chicken tenders, brew-battered fish and chips, as well as ribs, meatballs or spaghetti.

But Suit420 was craving a bacon cheeseburger, and of course, Milly's had that, too.

So I ordered the "Bo's Kitchen Sink Burger" while I sipped on my beer.

Of course, it goes without saying, I ordered my burger meat well done.

The food arrived, and just like the beer and service, it was great.

I know -- it's just a bacon cheeseburger.

But really, this was one of the better one's I've had.

From the texture of the bun, to the beef, to the beautifully melted cheese and sweet potato fries, all was perfect.

My acquaintances had the chicken salad, which they liked, as well as Milly's Beer Steamed Hot Dogs with Chili on top.

I ate every last bite of my food. It was so good that Suit420 forgot to even drink his beer during the meal.

Afterward, I thought about buying the shirt.

Until the owner came back out.

He told me that I could purchase a 65 ounce growler to take home for $20 bucks.

And if you're a local, you can take your growler in and refill it for a measly $10 dollars.

That's not a bad price for a tasty microbrew.

So Suit420 didn't buy the shirt.  I bought the growler instead.

And if I'm ever in Manchester again, I'm definitely stopping by Milly's . . .

. .  and you can bet I'm refilling my growler for $10 bucks.

Probably more than once.

Rating: Bought the Beer-Filled Growler

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