Friday, December 10, 2010

Chained Up: McDonalds' McRib

Ok, Look.
Yes, its McDonalds.
Yes, it Sucks.

I have kids.

They have sports.
And homework.
AND SuitOchoCinco has a ridiculously smoking hot girlfriend.
All of which I have to cater to 24/7.
Add in the fact that I fly across the continent twice a month and guess what?
Sometime I have to snag a quick bite.

And if I have to snag one . . . I prefer it to be a McRib.

Now, every year McyD's says its the last, and for about 4 seconds I believe it. But there is no way that they could ever actually not bring back the sloppy gluttonous goodness that is the "no actual rib" having McRib (with out a riot in the streets of the likes of the recent ones in Greece)

So. Yes. I love the McRib. Sue me.

Note: McRib is like . . . Jay Z . . . or . . . Brett Favre . . . except when they say they are going to retire and don't . . . its upsetting.

But when the McRib comes out of retirement, I get as giddy as a school girl on Christmas break.


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