Monday, October 25, 2010

An Oasis of Liberty -- In an Airport?

Smoking Lounge
Denver International Airport
Denver, Colorado.

When I first started traveling the country eight years ago, you could smoke in bars and restaurants virtually everywhere -- even in the most liberal of areas.

Seattle, Washington.  Washington, D.C.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

At that point, only California and New York City had decided that restaurant owners should have the freedom to decide who does what on their property stripped from them.

After that, the anti-smoking movement spread like tobacco fire as Christian nanny-staters and left-wing jackboots joined forces to tighten their straitjacket on American citizens even tighter.

Today, you can barely smoke anywhere.

A someone who now enjoys a cigarette only on a very rare occasion, Suit69 isn't personally affected much -- but the affront on property rights is still worse than irritating.

So when I rolled up in the Denver Airport with two hours to kill before my connection, the last thing I was expecting was a bar where you could still enjoy a torch of liberty.

Isn't this Denver?

Where our esteemed national leader Barack Obama gave his Democrat nomination acceptance speech?

And in an airport too?

Aren't airports the same places where American citizens are herded like docile, government-school bred cattle through porno scanners and forced to take off their clothes while our heroes in TSA agents collect their fat government checks for all their "hard work?"

Sure it is.

But at least in Denver you can enjoy a smoke after being violated.

The truth is, there's not much special about the Smoking Lounge other than it's in an airport.

Their menu is airport lame.  3-4 different choices for way too much money.

The special when I went there was "sausage."  I'm pretty sure it's sausage on a bun with peppers and stuff, but it just said "sausage."

The beer selection was equally lame.  A few different domestic American puke beers.

But they had Fat Tire.  And Suit69 really likes Fat Tire.

I had 1-2 during the 2 hours waiting on my flight.  Or maybe it was 3-4.  Or maybe eleven.

And then I got on my FIRST CLASS flight and drank even more.

But the experience was made even better with the fact I could enjoy a half a pack of cigarettes while I drank a beer and watched ESPN.

Almost like this was America or something.

Rating:  Would Wear the Shirt if it Were Free

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