Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Dawg House. And fine with it

Montana Dawg House

1014 W. Park StLivingston, MT 59047(406) 222-2914  
Traveling around the country Suit Ocho Cinco is
has learned to take pleasure in the
"small of things."

After all, crowded airports, screaming babies, and always being sat next to the 386 pound 3 seatbelt extension needing passenger on every flight gets old really really quick.

Flying into Montana the view was breathtaking.

Inspiring actually.

Either that or it was the game of "accidentally-got-put-in-first-class-so-let's-see-how-many-beers-I-can-drink-on a-one-hour-and-twenty-minute-flight" that I played.

Either way, the drive from Bozeman to Livingston was equally gorgeous. The 14,000 foot moutains seemed to crawl out of the earth and the snowy peaks were a perfect exclamation point.

As I pulled off I-90 into Livingston I drove past the Montana Dawg House.

And it had the look.

See, there is an instinct you develop when you travel all the time, an instinct that more times than not points you in the direction of amazing food

And the Dawg House had the look.

Several days later I was nursing a um . . . well, I was a little dehydrated if you get my drift.

And I needed a grease IV with the quickness.

The Montana Dawg House was the first place I thought of.   I jumped in my rental Hummer H3 and sped off.

Walking in the front door, time seemed to pause.

I was immediately shuttled back 50 years -- to a slower time, a time
where nothing was open on Sunday, and a hand shake was as good
as a contract.

The place was packed for lunch but it wasn't loud or obnoxious.

All of the patrons were in cowboy boots and denim and the conversation was a pleasant hum in the background.

One Dawg House employee was gracefully scooting around, and you could tell she had everything under control.

I took as seat in the corner and perused the menu.

It was simple but perfect. They offered breakfast all day (Hours 7:00 am to 2:30 PM), and one item in particular, the Haystack, caught my eye.

Haystack: A heaping portion of of eggs, bacon, biscuits and hasbrowns slathered in a generous ladle of thick sausage gravy that goes all over the plate.

Though the Haystack was tempting, I need a larger dose of grease to cure my . . . um . . . not so good feeling.

I didn't have to go far. I identified it immediately. The Wagon Burger was calling my name.

After making my decision, the lone Dawg House employee, Cindy, pleasantly came to the table and asked me what I would like.

I ordered the Wagon Burger and asked about sides. Cindy informed me they had fresh cut and homemade fries and chips.

I opted for the fries and Cindy rushed off to get to work.

It turns out Cindy was the owner of the Montana Dawg House and had been open for five years.

The Dawg House had quickly become a Livingston staple and was recommended by everyone I stumbled across.

The food came out very quickly and it looked amazing.

Thick slices of ham and cheese atop a thick burger with fresh lettuce, tomato and onion on a deliciously soft bun.

The fries glistened from just being pulled out of the frier and were clearly piping hot as steam rose like a cloud.

I dug in immediately and it was a taste explosion.

The burger was moist and cooked to perfection and the flavors burst as if meant specifically to be married to each other.  Awesome.

I made short work of the burger and moved onto the fries.

Wow. They were great.

As delicious as they were hot, it wasnt hard to to figure out why the Montana Dawg House came so highly recommended.

I finished my greasy delight, thanked Cindy for her hospitality jumped in my H3 and headed off.

There is no doubt I have ended up in the dog house countless times with my beautiful girlfriend, and it usually take a dozen roses and a massage to get me out.

I never thought that there would be a Dawg House I would crave to crawl into and in Livingston Montana of all places.
That burger and those fries were exactly what the doctor ordered. I felt exponentially better and equally satisfied.

The Montana Dawg House is one of those "small things". . . without a doubt.

RATING: Seriously considered buying the shirt

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