Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Southern BBQ... in China

Garys BBQ
620 Highway 29 N
China Grove, NC 28023-2616
Once my final meeting in South Carolina was finished SuitOchoCinco was more than ready to haul proverbial ass back home.
I jumped in my jet black Chevy “forced union made” Impala and dropped the pedal to the metal.
Now, I’d been told of this storied BBQ joint just North of Charlotte called “Garys BBQ” but wasn’t able to locate it throughout my trip… so I had a moderate amount of disappointment plaguing my empty stomach

Plus I literally had 6 hours to do a 7 hour trip and had no time to spare.
But then I saw it… flying up the interstate at near mach speeds I passed what I thought was a “Garys BBQ next exit” sign… could it be? Was this a sign? (I mean like an omen… it was obviously a “sign”)

I owed it to my other suits, my brethren, my brothers in arms to stop, I had to stop… a place with this much legacy had to be reviewed and it had to be reviewed now. (OK I didn’t really owe anyone, I was freaking starving)

In order to dine at this storied eatery I was going to have to make up some time and quick, I flew off the interstate onto the exit a speeds only rivaled in recklessness by Obamas spending in the last 2 years, followed the signs about .3 miles off the Interstate into a little town called, China Grove.

The BBQ gods were obviously in agreeance with my hasty decision because basically at the end of the ramp was “Gary’s BBQ” in all its glory.

Folks, I tried to pull into the parking lot, to no avail. This place was packed… bursting at the seams… like entitlements in a Bill written by Nancy Pelosi packed.
Finally a spot cleared and I cut and 85 year old man and his wife off, look, this is BBQ, and I had 15 minutes… don’t judge.
I ran in the front door, the walls were adorned top to bottom with vintage Coke and Pepsi signs and the place packed. Luckily there was one spot at the “bar” and I bellied up.

Within one minute a beautiful young lady with an even more beautiful southern drawl approached me and asked what I would like. I said a plate of your finest pulled pork with a mound of vinegar slaw and a southern style sweet tea, what can I say her drawl had me nostalgic for a true southern bbq experience.

Every sip I took out of my tea was met with a pitcher filling it back up and in under 5 minutes I was met by a heaping plate of beautiful chopped pig and crisp fresh cole slaw, 3 handmade and fried hush puppies as well as an unexpected surprise, they decided to buy the new guy a heaping cup of Gary’s famous Banana Pudding.

I don’t remember the next 5 minutes, I just remember coming out of my swine induced haze a little bit later with an empty plate and a smile on my face from ear to ear…oh yeah, and Garys signature sauce was ear to ear too. (Oh yeah... the banana pudding was the best I have ever had in my short life)
Gary himself came over to thank me for coming by, I stopped him, thanked him, and hurriedly paid my tab and got on the road again. (blue apron)

Look… if you drive anywhere near Charlotte North Carolina… STOP AND EAT HERE... it was amazing.

Rating: Tried to buy the shirt, sadly they didn’t have my size

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