Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It was Columbia, SC.

In July.

And I was in a suit. It was humid, and I was hot.

It was also lunchtime. And I was hungry.

So Suit420 decided to make an appearance at one of Columbia's finest.

I headed down to an area they call Five Points, passing by the South Carolina State Capitol on my way, which I'm happy to see still flies the Confederate Flag out front.

Five Points is a college area, located right near the University of South Carolina. So you can imagine it's full of pubs, bars, night clubs and beautiful college girls.

But I wasn't drinking -- yet -- and I wanted a good meal.

The only problem was parking for all the bars was metered parking, and I didn't have any change. And since I already have a bunch of unpaid Columbia parking tickets, I really didn't want anymore.

I decided to try some other area, but on my way out of Five Points, there it was -- beachy looking with its own parking lot. No meters.

The Salty Nut Cafe.

I figured "what the hell, might as well," so I whipped my foreign-made rental into the parking lot and headed in to check out the place.

Salty Nut Cafe looks like a place that would be located on a marsh in a coastal city. There was a wood deck. There were fans. There were palm trees. Overall, the atmosphere was very relaxing.

As I walked in, I noticed that not only did every table have its on TV, but every table also had a big basket of peanuts that Suit420 could munch on while waiting on my food.

I grabbed a table in the corner, cracked open a peanut, cut the TV to ESPN and waited on my waitress.

While sitting there, I glanced around at all the neat scenery on the wall.

I also checked out the looks of the wait staff which was very nice, as well.

There were all types of folks in there.

There was a table full of young nurses. A table full of guys in suits. A family. And, of course, a table full of Columbia's finest heroes, who had their K-9 cop car parked right outside.

Were they looking for Suit420?

I was impressed with the menu. The food was priced cheap, and there was a nice beer selection. Since I recently started eating somewhat healthy, I decided to go with the spicy grilled chicken sandwich and a glass of iced water.

The chicken sandwich was only $7.00.

And boy was it good. It literally only took me about five minutes to eat the whole darn thing.

And best of all, I was able to watch baseball highlights on ESPN while I ate.

I couldn't help but think this would be an awesome place for a group of folks to go and watch a TV show or a sporting event.

As I walked out, wading through a sea of peanut shells on the floor, I noticed a selection of nice shirts on the wall for sale.

They were nice. But I didn't feel the need today.

Rating: Would Wear the Shirt if it Were Free

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