Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

Poppy's Pizza and Grill
342 E. Elkhorn Ave.
Estes Park, CO 80517

If you would have asked me six months ago if I ever would have considered living in Colorado, or that I would ever end up living in Colorado, the answer probably would have been a resounding "No".

But, alas, here I am, living in a fourth state in three years.

Duty calls, and here I am fighting on yet another front against the rising tide of socialism. But this time, there are mountains in my backyard.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's get to the reason why we are here and that is to discuss good beer and good food.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Suit317 and I decided to go wander into the Rocky Mountains to see what we could find.

We found ourselves in Estes Park, which is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park, so naturally it has a certain "tourist-y" feel to it. After spending some time at the National Park and popping in and out of local stores, we took the recommendation of a local store owner to check out Poppy's Pizza and Grill.

What attracted us to Poppy's was the promise of gourmet pizza and burgers, as well as an excellent beer menu.

Before deciding on our main dishes, I ordered an Autumn Maple Brown Ale from The Bruery, which is a brewery out of California. This beer is delicious. It is a mix between a fall pumpkin beer and a Belgian. Easily one of my favorite beers.

Mrs. Suit317 decided to go with the special, which was a smothered burrito, which had a mixture of house-made chorizo and beef. I went with something a little more unique: the Rocky Mountain Pizza.

Now, before you get any crazy ideas, no, this was not a pizza with Rocky Mountain Oysters or anything else strange like that.

The Rocky Mountain Pizza consisted of a Garlic and Olive Oil Sauce, topped with Smoked Trout, Capers, Cream Cheese, and Red Onion.

This pizza was delicious. I don't think I have ever had fish on a pizza before, and I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out, but it was great. I made the right decision.

I did have the chance to sample Mrs. Suit317's burrito, and it was quite delicious as well.

If you ever find yourself in Estes Park, Colorado, I highly recommend you check out Poppy's. The food is great, the prices are outstanding, and there is nothing better than supporting a locally owned restaurant.

Rating: Bought the Shirt!


  1. it is an awesome restaurant. I have gone there last week. i like the environment most. Cajun Restaurant is also so popular,.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to check out the Cajun Restaurant.