Thursday, May 16, 2013

He's in witness protection -- Dinner with the Sapranos

Padrino's Bistro and Italian Steakhouse
2452 Kuser Rd.
Hamilton Township, NJ

It's not too often I feel like I could get "whacked" during dinner.  But I forgot about the Sopranos when I went looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in New Jersey, but I was soon reminded of it while enjoying the best Italian food I have had in my life at Padrino's Bistro and Italian Steakhouse, in Hamliton NJ.

This place is the real deal when it comes to Italian food, the prices are great and the portions huge.  The owner will come out and play his accordion when he's not busy cooking.

And it's one big happy - eh "family."  I noticed people seemed to dress better than average, lot's of hugging of people who obviously are not related.  And it hits me, "I kinda look like a fed" and here I am taking pictures of the place and my food - just then the guy at the table next to me says to his wife "of course you haven't seen them lately, they are in WITNESS PROTECTION."

Now I'm no longer worried about cholesterol, I'm worried about being whacked.

So, if you are in Southern Jersey -- get to Hamilton and visit:

Have some class - buy the tshirt, but pictures?  Forrr getta about it.

RATING:  Bought the Shirt!

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