Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Burger

Mr. Happy Burger
3131 E. Market St.
Logansport, IN 46947

Too often, in the world of fast food burgers we are given the duopoly of choice that is McDonald's and Burger King.

Just like our two party system, we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, often leading to mediocrity or, even worse, complete and utter ruin. A

The tyranny of the two burger system must come to an end. No longer should people in towns across America be forced to chose between McDonald's and Burger King.

Unfortunately, though, not much room exists for smaller fast food burger joints, just as third party political groups are squeezed out. Often, smaller burger joints are a flash in the pan, like the Reform Party of the 1990s, or are forever lost in the field of giants like the Libertarian Party.

Ladies and Gentleman, I have found the Libertarian Party of the fast food burger world, and it is located in Logansport, Indiana. I am talking about Mr. Happy Burger. In a sea of McDonald's and Burger King, Mr. Happy Burger has found itself a footing in North Central Indiana.

And this place has all the flair of a third party candidate.

It has a giant cow statue out front.

There is a small train running around the ceiling of the seating area and it is completely decked out with Coca Cola collectibles.

Not to mention, it has duel drive-up windows, just like Rally's. Although, the way they had it set up seemed a little awkward, kind of like Bob Barr trying to act like a Libertarian.

Anyway, I was in Logansport in the morning for a business meeting and I asked a local where he would recommend that I go for lunch and he suggested Mr. Happy Burger, as it is unique to Logansport and is a novelty. So, I took his advice and headed right there.

I could tell as I was pulling up that I was going to like this place. It was unique. Heck, it had a giant cow out front!

I didn't spend too much time looking at the menu, as I saw something that instantly peaked my interest. It was a Bulls-Eye Bacon Cheeseburger.

To be a little healthier, I ordered salad from their salad bar. That's right, kids, a fast food burger joint with a salad bar. I should also mention, that this place serves fresh pizza!

I held off from the pizza, but it could have been a good option.

I received my plate for my salad first, as I had to wait for my burger to be cooked. It was a basic salad bar, but that is not to take away from the quality of the food. The salad was fresh, as was the potato salad. In fact, the potato salad was excellent! Yes, a fast food burger joint with good potato salad. I know, it's great.

My burger came out a couple minutes later. It smelled and looked delicious. Only one thing was missing from the burger; the toppings.

Apparently, I was supposed to order it with lettuce, tomato, etc? I don't know, oh well. I ate it just as it was; burger, bacon, cheese, BBQ Sauce.

It was pretty good!

On my way out, I grabbed a Coke for the road and said so long to Mr. Happy Burger!

Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that this place was off the charts, but I will say that if you are in Logansport, skip the McDonald's and Burger King, and give Mr. Happy Burger a chance.

It has a larger menu, better ambiance, and the food is better. And did I mention the giant cow statue?

Plus, it's the small guy, and in an unfair fight, you've got to root for the small guy. It's the only way we are going to end the duopoly that controls the world of fast food burgers.

Rating: Seriously thought about buying the shirt to support fast food liberty, but realized I'd rather just blog about it.


  1. Growing up in Logansport I can tell you two things.
    A. Haps (as we call it) is a staple of the town and not going anywhere.
    B. You went to the wrong one. From the pictures you posted I can see that you went to Haps on the west side of town which is the smaller complex. On the East side of Logansport Haps is nestled between Burger King and Mcdonalds literally. Complete with another giant cow, a very large train set going around the entire multiroom complex,a children's booth made into an enclosed trolley car, classic coke merchandise, and an old school ice cream bar with any malt or shake you can think of to be made by hand.

    1. Great to here! Thanks for the heads up! If I ever get to Logansport again, I'll be sure to visit the one on the east side.