Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chained Up: Sonic's Chicago Dog

Perhaps better than any fast good chain, Sonic has the ability to grab my attention.

Every so often, it seems, they'll run a TV commercial with some incredibly awesome concoction -- like a fried chicken burger with gravy and mashed potatoes -- that I just can't dare to pass up.

Well, they got me again.  Only this time, it wasn't a commercial.

After a night of too much fun (seems like I've been having those a lot lately), I was thirsty.  And there was Sonic, calling my name.  I pulled in to order a cranberry limeade, and then I saw it -- a sign for Sonic's new Chicago dog.

Now, I haven't been traveling in some time, and I admit -- I'm kind of getting that hunger for the road.

So I had to try it.

Well, I did.  And the result was about what you would expect.

The peppers weren't hot enough.  The hot dog wasn't hot enough.  The pickle wasn't pickly enough.

But it was a nice try.  Overall, not bad for a fast food dog.
At least until the next time I'm in Chicago.

Rating:  Decent

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