Friday, July 16, 2010

Surviving on Sausage in Occupied Territory

Buccaneer Diner
9301 Astoria Blvd.
Flushing, NY
Visited July 13, 2010

I think it goes without saying that the South is superior to the North in just about everything: food, music, weather, politics and especially women.

Almost everything.

Yankees do have it over the South when it comes to Italian food.

It’s just about the only thing to look forward to on a trip to occupied territory.

Lunchtime near La Guardia Airport doesn’t provide too many culinary opportunities. First of all, most of the restaurant signs are written in Spanish.

Who knew Queens was a Third World country?

Then I stumbled upon the Buccaneer Diner. And my hopes were raised.

While the Buccaneer offers up an encyclopedia of a menu, Italian is was I wanted. When in Rome, you know?

Lucky for me, the special of the day was Italian sausage and peppers over pasta. Sausage is one of my four food groups (along with BBQ, bacon, and beer).

The Buccaneer didn’t disappoint. An overflowing plate of sausage and a rainbow of red, yellow and green peppers and onions all sautéed in a marinara sauce over ziti was enough for my single meal of the day. And enough to shake me out of my depression-induced coma brought on by being stuck in Yankeeland.

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